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Ready for Thanksgiving?!

by Golden Age Staff on 11/05/18

Ready for Thanksgiving?!


Wondering what the most popular traditional foods are for Thanksgiving? Keep on reading!


1.     TURKEY!  Thanksgiving would not be the same without your big turkey!

2.     Stuffing… What is a turkey without stuffing?

3.     Mashed Potatoes.  Yes the one that melts in your mouth!

4.     Gravy.  Cannot have mash potatoes without gravy!

5.     Cranberry sauce

6.     Corn

7.     Green Bean Casserole

8.     Candied YAMS!  Yes, the sweet ones.


Sometimes we forget to be thankful on a regular basis.  Thanksgiving is a day when we eat a lot of food and appreciate all of our loved ones.  ENJOY!

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