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Christmas Is Slowly Approaching!

by Golden Age Staff on 11/29/18

Christmas Is Slowly Approaching!


You are probably wondering when is the best time to go holiday shopping.  If you are looking for a less stressful in-store experience, you may want to reevaluate your shopping schedule!  According to Foursquare, different days of the week are more popular than others for retail stores.  That means there are slow days that shoppers can take advantage of.  Of course, we all know that malls and stores are more hectic on a weekend afternoon than on a weekday morning.  We do not need a report to tell us that! LOL!

Monday, Thursday & Friday!

Here are some of Foursquare’s key findings according to the foot traffic it analyzed:

  • Monday around noon is the best time to buy cosmetics, while Monday evening is the best time to go in-store to purchase clothing, jewelry, candy, and liquor.
  • Thursday is the quietest day at bookstores, as well as the best day to purchase beer and to go to the hardware store.
  • On Friday, visit big box retailers during the day, and toy stores in the evening. Also, get your weekly grocery shopping out of the way; Friday night is when grocery stores are most empty.
  • Sunday can also be a pretty chill day to shop — if you’re checking out department stores and arts and crafts stores. On Sunday morning, consider the discount stores, and in the evening hit up the electronics stores.

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